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  • 12/5/2018

    The annual Softball Rules Clinic for commissioners will be conducted on Friday, January 24, 2020, at 8:30 am in the Board Room at the OSAA Office in Wilsonville.

    Please note that a representative of your local association is required to attend the meeting in order for your officials to be eligible for State Championship assignments.

    Contact Kelly Foster at for more information.

  • 12/5/2018

    Each softball official who registers through Arbiter will receive a packet with the following contents:

    Item Price
    NFHS 2020 Softball Rules Book, Case Book, Umpires Manual $24.00
    NFHS Insurance $17.00
    2019-20 OAOA Dues $20.00
    Criminal History Check $6.50
    OSAA Certification Patch $2.00
    Sport Specific Pre-Season Guide $2.00
    Leadership Officiating Guide $2.00
    Shipping/Handling Fee (all packets are mailed) $5.00
    TOTAL $79.00
  • 1/16/2018

    Rules Book 2-65-2  

    ART. 2 . . . Intentional Walk (Base on balls) – A request made to the umpire by the defensive coach, pitcher or catcher, for the purpose of awarding the batter first base. No pitches are thrown.   The request may be made prior to or during the at bat.

    Case Book

    8.1.1 SITUATION GJ: R1 is on third. R1 starts home as in a squeeze play. F3, who is playing close for a bunt, cuts off the pitch and tags R1. RULING: This is treated the same as catcher obstruction.  The ball becomes dead at the end of playing action.
    The coach or captain of the team at bat has the option of the play or penalty. If the penalty is accepted, R1 is awarded home and B2 is awarded first. (2-36, 8-1-1d)

    9.1.1 SITUATION D:With two outs and R1, R2 and R3 on base, B6 receives ball four. R3 touches second and is then tagged off base for the third out before R1 has reached home base. RULING: The run scores; R1 was awarded home as soon as ball four was declared.
    Although the batter is awarded first base, all other runners are entitled to advance one base without liability to be put out. Once R2 passed third base she is now liable to be put out. If this happens for the third out of the inning prior to R1 touching home, R1's run would not count. (2-63,2-65-1, 8-1-1c, 8-4-3a, 9-1-1)
  • 3/16/2017

    The new sport-specific softball course “Umpiring Softball” is now available on This online education course covers professionalism, obstruction and interference.  Video examples of various plays in a “You Make the Call” format are presented to assist umpires in visually identifying situations involving obstruction and interference. The course costs $10 for NFHS Officials Association members and $20 for any non-member official or other interested party.

  • 8/22/2014

    Understanding Eligibility Levels

    A new function in Arbiter allows the OSAA to set levels of certification and require officials to complete specific tasks in order to attain the varying levels of certification.  This video explains how the new system works.


    Checking your Eligibility Level

    A screen capture showing officials every step needed to check their eligibility status


    Checking your OCEP Certification

    A screen capture showing officials every step needed to check their OCEP status


  • 6/24/2013

    This “first-of-its-kind” course is designed exclusively for officials at the high school level and introduces new officials or individuals interested in becoming an official to the world of interscholastic officiating. The course, which takes about 30 to 45 minutes to complete, covers topics such as the basics of becoming and staying an official, the science of officiating a contest, the art of officiating a contest and putting it all together.  This course is available at and is free for OSAA Certified Officials.

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