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OCEP Status Check

  • 8/22/2014


    1) Principles of Officiating: New officials shall complete within their first three years of officiating a course or clinic approved by the OAOA Executive Board on basic Principles of Officiating. This requirement does not apply to officials certified by the OSAA in 2005-06 or prior; or any transfer official previously licensed or certified by a State High School governing body. Each local association conducts annual certifying Principles Classes.

    2) Playoff Certification: Beginning in school year 2009-10 officials selected to officiate any OSAA State Championship or Playoff event shall have completed an OCEP Playoff Certification Clinic, or other camp, clinic or certifying procedure substantially equivalent and approved by the Executive Board of the OAOA in the applicable sport. Soccer officials who obtain USSF Level 8 certification meet their OCEP Playoff eligibility requirement.

    3) Playoff Five Year Recertification Requirements: Beginning with school year 2011-12 officials must be OCEP Playoff recertified every five years. (Exception Wrestling every three years)

    Learn how to check your OCEP Status (both Principles and Playoff) by watching and listening to the short video below.  Questions regarding OCEP Status should be directed to Clark Sanders, Associate Director of the Oregon Athletic Officials Association at 503.682.6722 x242 or

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